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That place we all run to
Can come down on you
The expectation can be great
If you should ever tire
Or if you should require
Sudden simple twist of fate
Don't hide away, there's something to be said
For pushing through
We'd never ride on horses that discourage you
If you should fall upon hard times
If you should lose your way
There is a place here in this house
That you can stay

[Verse 2]
If you should find romance
Go on and take that chance
Before the strategies begin

Deadlines, Commitments
Every morning, in the evening
They can suck you in

Lord, Don’t I know
This offer won't be standing
All you got to do is call
Don't be afraid to knock on the door


[Verse 3]
I'm not talking about deadlines and commitments
Sold out of confusion!
There is a place in this house that you can stay

I'll catch you darling
I'll be waiting by your side!

This offer will be standing
All you got to do is call
Don't be afraid to knock on the door


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