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[Verse 1]
She's a pillar by the day, a fire by night
She's a famous architect, like Frank Lloyd Wright
When it comes to tight rope walking...she's world renowned

Her elegance and charm are worthy of praise
And I heard she used to throw, for The Oakland A's
She works 268 hours a week, I've yet to meet her match

A marvel of modern science
She's a natural born pioneer
I can't make up my mind
Should I put her on display, or hide her?

I'm going to be her Prize Fighter!
I know that she's out of my league
I'm going to be her Prize Fighter!
My uniform has been decreed

[Verse 2]
She's a daughter of the gods, got a lot of clout
If she's ever in a bind, I'll get her out
And sometimes I have these nightmares, in the middle of the day
Where a hay-making gypsy just steals her away

There is no doubt about it
(no doubt about it)
I'm a slave to her shade of love
(no doubt about it)
One day Her Majesty the Queen, unprovoked and unforeseen
She's going to fly her over to England, put that sword on her shoulder, and knight her!

I'm going to be her Prize Fighter!
No label's going to change where she's from
I'm going to be her Prize Fighter!
And I'm dancing to the beat of her drum

[Verse 3]
She's always on my side, rich or poor
She's with me all the way, to The Golden Door
My lioness, my pièce de résistance
My only way!

I'm going to drive me an El Dorado
The color of her Monterey eyes
With twin bullet tail lights
And plates that read desire!

I'm going to be her Prize Fighter!
Though the weather may be foul
I'm going to be her Prize Fighter!
Though the wind and the wolves may howl

[Prize Fighter!] [Outro]
Through the sunshine and through the rain
I'm going to be her Prize Fighter!
Over and over again

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