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[Verse 1]
Walter, remember when the world was young
And all the girls knew Walter's name?

Walter, isn't it a shame the way our little world has changed
Do you remember, Walter, playing cricket in the thunder and the rain?
Do you remember, Walter, smoking cigarettes behind your garden gate?
Yes, Walter was my mate
But Walter, my old friend, where are you now?

[Verse 2]
Walter's name
Walter, isn't it a shame the way our little world has changed?
Do you remember, Walter, how we said we'd fight the world so we'd be free
We'd save up all our money and we'd buy a boat and sail away to sea
But it was not to be
I knew you then but do I know you now?

[Verse 3]
Walter, you are just an echo of a world I knew so long ago
If you saw me now you wouldn't even know my name
I bet you're fat and married and you're always home in bed by half-past eight
And if I talked about the old times you'd get bored and you'll have nothing more to say

Yes people often change, but memories of people can remain

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