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Produced By: The Knife

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[Verse 1]
Hear my troubles of mine
Can you take me for one last ride
I want to bend my soul again
That's what we do when we get older

Where's your troubled mind
You've got your money and you got them cause others just can't
There's the lottery
About geography
Don't know the hand you're holding
Paying someone to put them to bed again

And that's when it hurts
The difference
This is hot blood
And a difference
What a difference
A little difference would make

[Verse 2]
Hear my love sigh
I've got a story that money just can't buy
Western standards
Poverty's profitable

See it slip and slide
Not just one answer ‘cause it’s working like parallel lines
It's not that easy
When you want it easy


[Verse 3]
Don't leave me now
Don't fall asleep
We need to rest sometimes
But don't take long
It's something in system
That still circulates
We'll dig a hole in the backyard
And drain the blood

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