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[Verse 1]
When the waters is rough
The sailing is tough
I'll get drowned in your love
You've got a cut throat crew
I'm going to sink under you
I got the bell bottom blues
It's going to be the death of me
It's the graveyard watch
Running right on the rocks
I've taken all of the knocks
You isn’t giving me no quarter
I'd rather drink sea water
I wish I'd never had brought you
It's going to be the death of me

Soul survivor, soul survivor[x4]
Going to be the death of me
It's going to be the death of me

When you're flying your flag
All my confidence sags
You got me packing my bags
I'll stowaway at sea
You make me mutiny
Where you are I won't be
You're going to be the death of me

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