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[Verse 1]
Got a sweet black angel
Got a pin up girl
Got a sweet black angel
Up upon my wall
Well, she isn’t no singer
And she isn’t no star
But she sure talk good
And she move so fast
But the gal in danger
Yeah, de gal in chains
But she keep on pushing
Would you take her place?

She counting up the minutes
She counting up the days
She's a sweet black angel, woh

[Verse 2]
Not a sweet black slave
Ten little niggers
Sitting on de wall
Her brothers been a falling
Falling one by one
For a judges murder
In a judges court
Now de judge he going to judge her
For all that he's worth
Well de gal in danger
The gal in chains
But she keep on pushing
Would you do the same


[Verse 3]
Not a gun toting teacher
Not a Red loving school mom
Isn’t someone going to free her
Free the sweet black slave[x2]

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