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Every time I see you in the world, you always step to my girl

[Verse One: Danny Brown]
Back back way back I used to front like I was Don Juan
Couldn't settle down, couldn't find a girl to hold on

Used to get my roll on, hit the spots and stroll on
Now I found one with a hand I like to hold on
Every time I'm with her, dudes always wanna stare
I be staring back like, "you don't wanna go there."
Used to didn't care, now I hit you with a chair
If it just so happen, touch a string on her hair

Now me and shorty wop spending more and more time
So since she got my heart then I gotta have her spine
And if any dude try to come for what's mine? -
A pair of size 9's where the sun don't shine

The sugar in my Kool-Aid - boo gets me through days
Swear to God, one day I might watch her throw a bouquet
Said, "Nowhere on this earth. Nowhere in this world
I should ever ever ever see you stepping to my girl."

[Verse Two: Heems]
That's my old girl, my old girl from college
I always think about her when the leaves turn orange
Yeah, we went to Wesleyan and she scoffed at Vassar
I met her at a wine and cheese, I looked right past her
Apparently, she would notify me right after
I smashed her the first night
The first pipe's the worst pipe
But after I satisfied thirst like "Mmm"
The pastor would satisfy the church like

She lived in WestCo and studied frescoes
And head to toes, she stayed in the best clothes
I represent Queens, she would move out to Brooklyn
Never thought that she would have her precious heart took-en
By a shy, brown guy from Bellerose
That stayed in shell-toes, until Hell froze
Her freckles dance on her porcelain skin
It's like, she's got a special force within
And I been high, but ain't no higher place
Than alongside her by the fireplace

[Verse Three: Despot]
Act like you ain't even seen me standing next to her
I'll tie your kicks together if you ever try to step to her

Must be why you trippin' when I ask you, "Why you stressin' her?"
Passing notes and texting her, I'm 'bout to shoot the messenger
Used to smash, slap 'em on the ass and go away
They ask when Imma call 'em and I hit 'em with a poker face
Coldest shoulder known to blow a load then leave 'em froze and skate
Magnum wrapper in the trash, I told them, "Nothing gold can stay."
Who's she? Guess I turned over a new leaf
Now I'm choosing groups A thru D over groupies
Lose sleep, lately only counting on these two sheep
You and me, baby, skipping town up on these coupe seats
Must've broke the mold when they made you
Probably broke a nail or two flippin' off these lame dudes
Hollerin' in plain view, on some, "what's your name, boo?"

Barely had a dollar and a dream, but it came true

The gloves are off, the wisdom teeth are out
What you on about?
I feel it in my bones, I feel it in my bones
I'm stronger now, I'm ready for the house
Such a Modest Mouse, I can't do it alone, I can't do it alone
Every time I see you in the world, you always step to my girl

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