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I'm the boy that looks excited
I'm the boy that's going to fall apart
Candyfloss, I lie to myself
I'm the boy that eats his heart out
I know I should be more careful
I know I should watch where I've been
Candyfloss and she's a safecracker
She kissed me first and then broke in

[Verse 1]
We slip and slide on the stay-together landmine
I make my mind up to never be myself
And every time I fake around
I live my life for someone else

She's in the kitchen with bitter diamond drunk
She's in the way
I'm on the sofa hoping she leaves that punk because
(I'm in the way)

[Verse 2]
I'm the boy with the poetry power
I'm the boy, smells like flowers
Every time I pick around
I live my life like I wasn't invited

She's in the way
I'm in the way


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